Margaret Gushulak Sutton - Admissions RN at Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care

Over the years I had been courted by this tenacious, gracious, polished professional of recruiting tactics for Hospice care. Little did I know that I would join ranks with her and work for the same company, and for as long as I have. Sheila is a joy to work with and her upfront no pressure approach is refreshing and certainly persuasive.

Michael Onett

President/CEO of 

Home Care Careers & Hospice Choices

Recruitment    Universe

Shelia began recruiting in 2000 under the tutelage of Michael Onett. Arnett began her recruiting career by doing research for other recruiters. She quickly became a full-cycle Recruiter and worked in the New Client Acquisition department. During her time with RN Database, she mainly recruited in Chicago and Northern Virginia - developing the territory, obtaining new clients, and identifying candidates.

In 2005 Arnett was hired as an in-house Recruiter in the newly developed Recruitment Department for Odyssey Healthcare. She managed the Midwest and Northeast territories – 20+ branches. She recruited LPNs, RNs, Sales Reps, Social Workers, Nursing Supervisors, Director of Patients Services, General Managers, Regional Sales Managers, and a Regional Vice President for Odyssey. She was the top Recruiter in 2006 and 2007.

In 2007 Arnett started her own recruiting firm, Recruitment Universe. Recruitment Universe specializes in effective, efficient health care recruitment in the Hospice, Home Health Care, and the recently added Nursing Home and Assisted Living fields - from the Regional VP role to the Executive Assistant/Office Manager role. Arnett’s hospice knowledge allows for the crossing of the gap into home health and geriatric health care recruiting.

Arnett took a hiatus from healthcare recruiting in 2011 to pursue other interests. She successfully ran two local political campaigns and published a magazine in The Villages, Florida. She returned to healthcare recruiting in September, 2016.

Shelia manages three groups on LinkedIn – combined there are over 22,000 LinkedIn members! Click below for a direct connection to the LinkedIn groups.

Home Health Jobs, Hospice, Hospice Jobs


The most important thing is to define your Key Needs!

Michael Onett has over 20 years of Hospice Recruiting experience. With over 1000 successful search assignments under his helm, his team of hospice recruitment specialists have successfully supported countless leading hospices since the 1990s.

Onett began his hospice recruiting career with a main focus of helping Vitas Healthcare through its major growth campaign throughout the 90s and into the 2000s. He also performed management searches for Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, Capitol Hospice, Aseracare, Odyssey, as well as dozens of other hospices nationwide. 

Onett has innovated new recruiting processes that ease the burden of cost and shorten the hiring time line for hospices that wish to grow and remain competitive in this difficult labor market. He is the founder of the internet's only hospice specific career center, Hospice Choices. This national career center for the hospice community provides comprehensive advertising with 24/7/365 coverage on the Internet at an affordable price.

Onett is also the founder of one of the leading Home Care Career Center's on the Internet.


Our Core Talent

Would you like the ability to fill your key positions quickly and efficiently!

Recruitment Universe can be that solution to your hospice recruiting needs - Efficient, in a cost effective manner, and most importantly, Quickly!

Recruitment Universe specializes in Grass Roots Recruiting that often yields Passive Candidates!!


Grass Roots Recruiting

1.  grass roots - noun
​     the most basic level of an activity or organization

2.  recruiting - verb
     enroll (someone) as a member or worker in an organization or as a supporter of        a cause

Passive Candidates

1.  passive - adjective
     not participating readily or actively; inactive
2.  candidates - noun

     a person who is deserving of or seems destined for a certain end or fate

Recruitment Universe specializes in Grass Roots Recruiting looking for Passive Candidates. We do NOT only look at Monster, Career Builder, and other job boards that re-cycle the same resumes. We specialize in a grass roots recruiting campaign for your organization that identifies passive candidates that often aren't actively looking for a position. Often, these are the most qualified and desirable candidates.

Recruitment Universe has been doing Hospice Specific Recruiting since 2000 - we added Home Health Recruiting in 2008. We know what it takes to fill your KEY positions

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Peggy Bertels - Hospice COO

Shelia Arnett has helped me in several companies to recruit management level employees as well as sales reps for the hospice industry.

Shelia takes the time to fully understand the staffing needs, culture and key characteristics of the company so she can identify the right candidate. Her screening process, which is very thorough, brought forward candidates that were a good match for the organization.  This saved me time from having to review many resumes or conduct unnecessary interview to arrive at the right person. Many times, instead of having 1 key candidate, she would bring forth several.

I would highly recommend Shelia to any company who needs a professional recruiter, as she will make a difference in finding the right staffing, whether for field, sales or management staffing.

​Renee Luchtman - Corporate Director of Business Development

Shelia is one of the best recruiters that I have ever worked with. Time after time she has found me qualified candidates in a timely manner. I do not hesitate to recommend her highly.

​Shelia Arnett

President/CEO of Recruitment Universe

Eric Cacace - former General Manager Odyssey Healthcare Wilmington, DE

The overall success of a home-based healthcare service is contingent on being able to manage your growth and turnover of your caregiver staff. Therefore, for any branch to be successful, you need a great recruiting expert on your team. Shelia Arnett was essential in the success of the Odyssey of Wilmington location. Her professionalism attracted top notch talent they may not have taken a chance on a new player in the market. As General Manager, Shelia always kept me informed on the status of multiple openings needing to be filled in a efficient and concise manner without leaving out essentials details. Lastly, I found that Shelia was always available to take my calls and answer any question, making me feel I was her only client, which could not be further from the truth. Shelia is an outstanding resource for any company and would work with her again. I recommend adding Shelia to your team today!

Recruitment Universe's initial core focus was hospice - but as times change we must change along with it. As one of the Nation's most experienced Hospice recruiting firms it was a natural progression to add home health and geriatric recruiting as well.

We recruit and network with the leaders in the hospice, home health care, nursing home and assisted living industries to find the most appropriate person to fill your recruiting needs!