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Finding the right fit for your organization can be difficult in this ever-changing healthcare world. Let Recruitment Universe find the "right fit" for your Hospice or Home Health care agency.  

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Peggy Bertels - Hospice COO

Shelia Arnett has helped me in several companies to recruit management level employees as well as sales reps for the hospice industry.

Shelia takes the time to fully understand the staffing needs, culture and key characteristics of the company so she can identify the right candidate. Her screening process, which is very thorough, brought forward candidates that were a good match for the organization.  This saved me time from having to review many resumes or conduct unnecessary interview to arrive at the right person. Many times, instead of having 1 key candidate, she would bring forth several.

I would highly recommend Shelia to any company who needs a professional recruiter, as she will make a difference in finding the right staffing, whether for field, sales or management staffing.

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Shelia Arnett 

​Michael Onett

Hospice Specific Recruiting since 2000
Home Health Care Recruiting added in 2008

Nursing Home & Assisted Living Recruiting added in 2016

Recruitment Universe offers specialized recruiting packages to fit every need. From the National Company that needs specialized recruiting from time to time - to the smaller hospices that have an HR department, but no dedicated recruiter.....Recruitment Universe can help your company find the "right fit" for any size organization.

Recruitment Universe has the expertise to fill any recruiting need!

Positions filled include: Regional Vice Presidents, Regional Sales Managers, CFO, Executive Directors, Medical Directors, Clinical Managers, Registered Nurses, Sales Reps and Social Workers.

Recruitment Universe has the the know-how and the tenacity to fulfill all of your recruiting needs!